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Matisyahu Wolfberg, Esq. NY & NJ Traffic and Criminal Defense Attorney since 2000
 Matisyahu Wolfberg, Esq. NY & NJ Traffic and Criminal Defense Attorney since 2000

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"Holy Cow!  I have no words, my 125 in 55 mph zone dismissed in South Nyack Justice Court, Rockland County!!!!!!"  Charles C. New York

Ed. Note, this is the highest speed I have ever gotten dismissed.
"It is as if a weight has been lifted from me, I am sure you are aware of how I was feeling these past 3 months, since you have first hand experience with others that were in my situation.  One of the best holiday gifts I have gotten in a long time. I cannot thank you enough about helping me out in this matter. Was definitely the right thing to seek you out and hire you. I would love to hear what it was that you did to get my 99/55 in NCTPVA - Nassau County dismissed. I will be much more careful from now on.  You are welcome to contact me and include me in the testimonial listing on your website. Let me know of a good schedule to do it, I usually work from home Mon-Fri from 3pm to 6pm. Again, Thank you. If you can tell me what you did, I may need stitches on my face from smiling uncontrollably!"  Anthony M., Staten Island, NY
"3 speeding tickets -- NO POINTS! That's right, you read that correctly. In 2005, I was issued a summons in the Town of Cortlandt (NY) for doing 76 mph in a 40 mph zone -- an 8 point violation. I contacted Mr. Wolfberg and he took over. I didn't have to show up in court or do much of anything other than wait for the results, which I couldn't have been happier with since the ticket was completely DISMISSED! No fines, no points, no nothing -- it was like it never even happened! So when I received another speeding ticket in 2007 in the same town, this time for doing 60 mph in a 30 mph zone, a 6 point violation, I didn't hesitate to contact Mr. Wolfberg...and once again he didn't disappoint. This ticket was alsoDISMISSED! The same year I received a ticket (yes, I know I need to slow down) for doing 73 mph in a 55 mph zone, a 4 point violation, in the Town of Harrison (NY). Mr. Wolfberg was able to get this ticket reduced to a mere seatbelt violation for which I received a modest fine and NO POINTS! So 3 speeding tickets later which realistically could have resulted in a total of 18 points, hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in fines, surcharges, and driver responsibility assessments, and who knows how much in increased insurance premiums, instead only resulted in a small fine and NO POINTS. I can't say enough how happy I am with these results. Great job!" -- Joe M., Cortlandt Manor, NY
"Mr. Wolfberg you have done it again. First you got my 8 point speeding ticket in Manhattan North TVB and now, you have just told me that my 70/40 in Ramapo Town Court was also dismissed.  You saved me 16 points and thousands of dollars this year.  I hope I won't need you again, but if I do, I will come running (but not speeding :))"  Lazer O., Spring Valley, New York 
"I cannot find the words to thank you enough, Mr. Wolfberg for getting my 11 points reduced to 2 points in Manhattan North TVB. I am ecstatic about all of this and this was such a pleasant surprise, although I had a lot of faith in your abilities. I was scared because I not only faced a suspended license but big fines as well! This was the best Thanksgiving surprise and gift, ever. I really mean it from the bottom of my heart that I have learned from all of this and have been more mindful of my driving not only from this incident but from close observation of how others handle the road sometimes as well. I have already referred you to a few acquaintances, even before your success. I guess we all get into some trouble along the paths of our lives. I am just glad there are people like you that care and seek to help others through your obvious empathetic nature! Thank you! Thank you! I can't thank you enough! I do not exaggerate when I say you have not only made my day but also my year which has been very trying! May you, your family and friends enjoy a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! I certainly hope it's as good as mine is going to be with my newly cleared mind! Thank you for all of your help in aiding me to understand the driver responsibility assessments, as well. You were quite helpful! I am going to pay the fine through the internet briefly after I write this e-mail to you and did I say from the bottom of my heart by the way, Thank You?! Respectfully Yours," Edward M. P., Flushing, New York.
"You go to all these web sites, when you get a traffic ticket and they tell you that they will take it off, and save your license, you know that they are are not true. Please believe this web site Mr. Matisyahu Wolfberg is real. He promise you that he will do the best he can and he does. He is GREAT. I had 2 speeding tickets and got a 3rd and my license was going to be suspended for 6 months and he saved my license, I need it to go to work, and take my mom to the doctors. To make long story short, he is great he is real and he is good at what he does. I know that we all see things like that on web sites and think its not real but he is real and I recommend him to any one that need help. if any one wants to directly speak to me email me at mickeyy231 @ and I will tell you how great Mr. Wolfberg is. Thank you Mr. Wolfberg for all your help." Michael A., Staten Island, NY. 
"I am a race car driver for a living, so I know what it means to speed.  Mr. Wolfberg has helped me out of numerous speeding tickets (off the race track!).  But his latest victory is just unbelievable.  82/55 in Langrange Town Court Dismissed!"  Tim G., Connecticut.
"I have been driving for more than 30 years and only had a few speeding tickets over that long period of time. Then all of a sudden I had a streak of bad luck - 2 speeding tickets in the span of one year. I got the first speeding ticket driving on Route 9 in Croton-On-Hudson. It was very dark outside. All of a sudden, a NY State Trooper turned on his flashing lights and pulled me over. Apparently, he was following me in the dark with his headlights turned off. He tracked me with his radar and said I was driving 79 mph in a 50 mph speed zone (6? points). I was not even speeding - this was a just setup as far as I was concerned. Not to go down without a fight, I went on the Internet and found Mr. Wolfberg and After speaking with Mr. Wolfberg on the phone, I decided to hire him. Fast forward a couple of months later - Mr. Wolfberg attended the trial on my behalf and actually got the ticket dismissed. Boy, was I amazed. When I got my second speeding ticket one year later, the first thing I did was call Mr. Wolfberg and told him that I wanted him to represent me for a second time since he did such a great job the first time around. This time I was driving on the Bronx River Parkway in Yonkers. A Yonkers Police Car pulled me over and said I was driving 79 mph in a 50 mph speed zone (6 points). Apparently this Police Car did not even have radar to calculate my speed. I told the officer that I was simply changing lanes during a merge and the car in front of me was going too slow. He told me to slow down and gave me the speeding ticket anyway. Fast forward six months later - Mr. Wolfberg attended the trial on my behalf and worked out a Plea Bargain deal to have the violation reduced to zero points with a $125 fine. Boy was I happy for the second time. I told Mr. Wolfberg that he is truly a magician." Alan P. - Cortlandt Manor, NY
"Always call the pros! The lawyers at are knowledgeable professional insiders. They can help you navigate through the traffic court system to get your tickets dismissed. (The got my Sign violation, obstructing an intersection, and improper turn tickets in Brooklyn North Traffic Violations Bureau TVB dismissed! I have recommended their services to my friends and family and I will continue to do so." Ralph D., Brooklyn, New York
"To Whom It May Concern:  If you have a moving violation in the state of New York, you need Matisyahu Wolfberg.  In January 2006 I was issued a moving violation for traveling 90 mph in a 65 mph zone on I-90 east in Rotterdam Town Court. Having never gotten a speeding ticket before and being from out of state I did not know what to do. I contacted several lawyers and I determined that Matis was the best. On my first call to Mr. Wolfberg’s office I was able to speak with him directly, whereas with other offices I was given the run around  Matis was thorough and effective, he explained to me all of my rights and what the best course of action was. He reduced my ticket from a 6 point moving violation to 2 point sign violation.  His communications with me were always very expeditious. Whenever I had a question, all I had to do was shoot him an email and he always got back to me with an answer within 24 hours. If you want the best you need Matisyahu Wolfberg. Thanks Matis!" Sincerely, Bryan S., College Park, Maryland.
"My husband got a speeding ticket in White Plains, NY. He went 80 mph on a 55mph zone. He was 25mph over the speed limit. The police officer advised him to contact a lawyer. At first, we said "A lawyer for a speeding ticket"? "No way". We did not realize the seriousness of this situation. In doing research, we found out that this meant six points on his license, the insurance going up or even canceling our policy, amongst many other fines from the DMV and the state. The one good thing the officer did was advise us in getting a lawyer. We found Mr. Matisyahu Wolfberg on the Internet. We contacted Mr. Wolfberg but were skeptical because we had to provide a credit card, and were afraid of scams. Mr. Wolfberg assured us that what he can do is real and that we can contact the court to verify that they indeed knew him. (Which I did). We "shopped around" and got ridiculous quotes with no guarantees. A county clerk at the Greenburgh Town Court named Cecilia returned my call and indeed confirmed that they knew Mr. Wolfberg. By the way she spoke, I could tell that Mr. Wolfberg must play hardball in the court, but was a good person overall. That immediately convinced us and here we are today, 3/19/2007 we got away with a $150. NO POINT PARKING TICKET. Overall, we SAVED a couple of hundred dollars. All the testimonials you read are REAL, including mine. If anyone has questions you can contact us at SRamos @ THANK YOU MR.WOLFBERG FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP."
"What can I say, is amazing!!! I have used it twice, once for a speeding ticket in Queens South TVB and once for a stop sign ticket in the dreaded New Rochelle City Court. On both accounts, I benefited…..NO POINTS on my license. I would highly recommend using to deal with tickets. Don’t get points on your license….email ……call……or fax your ticket to today!!!! Thanks again!" Sallie L., New Rochelle, New York
"While traveling between NY and MA, I was caught in a work zone radar trap on an I-90 bridge where the speed limit was sharply reduced from 65 mph to 45 mph. This, of course ruined by vacation because as a NJ resident, I was faced with 2 transferable points and an escalation of my insurance premium. (This was the first ticket that I received in 30 years of driving). In researching NY traffic laws, I discovered the website of Matisyahu Wolfberg. After checking out his credentials and reading his great testimonials, I decided to hire him. He exceeded my expectations by getting the Shodack Town Court to agree to a plea bargain in which the offense was downgraded from a 4 pt. (NY) double fine speeding ticket (19 mph over the limit) to a no point $150 parking fine. I give him my highest recommendation for outstanding client representation!" Thomas Langston, Runnemede, NJ Aug. 29, '07
"Mr. Wolfberg: I want you to know how much I appreciate your efficiency and results in the 4 point speeding ticket you took care of for me in Rouses Point Village Court, Clinton County. As it was very important to me that I not receive any further points on my record, your getting the ticket reduced to a no point parking ticket was exactly what I was hoping for.  I will be pleased to refer you to anyone who requires such services. Thank you very much." David L., Cote S. Luke, Quebec, Canada.  Sept. 5, '07
"Matis, I was very skeptical when I first spoke with you about your service. Seeing the various testimonials provides some assurance, but it was hard to imagine you being able to save me from a 90 MPH in a 50 on the Palisades Parkway in Haverstraw Town Court... MUCH TO MY PLEASANT SURPRISE, YOU GOT THE TICKET DISMISSED!!!!! I cannot thank you enough. I would recommend your services to anyone who needs them and will certainly refer my friends when they find themselves in need. Thank you again for a job well done... How do you do it anyway??? :-)" John C., Stony Point, NY
"I could not be any happier with's services! I received a ticket in Ulster Town Court for going 85 in a 65 on the NY Thruway heading North towards Albany. Not only was I scared of the possible fine, but the 6 points on my record would have triggered severe extra penalties under both NY and VA traffic law, not to mention the negative impact on the cost of my car insurance. After dealing with Matisyahu, who acts completely professional, is very knowledgeable and detailed with his instructions, and prompt in his correspondence, I was pleaded down to a no point ticket with only a $150 fine! Considering the potential damage that could have been caused by immediately pleading guilty to the terms of the ticket, I would have been a fool not to recruit the services of, especially considering how reasonable their upfront fee is. I've already told friends of my story and they are in utter disbelief and absolute awe of what Matisyahu Wolfberg is able to accomplish! I am grateful for the help and certainly recommending to everyone I know!" Adam D., Fairfax, Virginia  Oct. 7, '07
"I got a 60/30 speeding ticket in Cedarhurst, New York, which would have meant 6 points on my license, a BIG fine + surcharge and an increase in my insurance (I'm sure!).  Mr. Wolfberg managed to lower it down to a Sign Violation 2 point ticket + $180 fine.  Which do you prefer? Trust me guys, its all worth it!!! Thanks again, Mr. Wolfberg!
Thank you," Kristian V., Brooklyn, NY
"Thanks so much for getting my 6 point speeding ticket in Scarsdale Village Court dismissed!"  Juan J., New York, NY  Oct. 2, '07
"I was pulled over on Instate 87 Highway in Hillburn area, NY in Sep 2006 by a state trooper for doing 76 mph at a 65 zone. It would be another 4 points added to my driving record which I could not afford. When I felt upset and hopeless I found Mr. Wolfberg on At first I was so skeptical to trust someone who I had never personally met to take case of my case. But at the time I had no choice but give it a shot because the court was far from where I live plus I did not have enough confidence to beat the ticket myself even if I appear personally on court. I am so GLAD I hired Mr. Wolfberg! A year later, I received email from him telling me the ticket is DISMISSED. Woah~ it is as if it never happened! I feel relieved." Thanks again! Steven S., Brooklyn, NY
"Hi, this is great news! Thanks so much for everything for getting my 4 point ticket in Staten Island Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB)! I would be happy to offer a testimonial! You are truly the best there is to offer!" Jan C., Jersey City, NJ
"Mr. Wolfberg, I would like to thank you for our 'TREMENDOUS VICTORY' in getting my 4 points speeding ticket in Kingston City Court dismissed. I don't know how you do it but it's terrific!! I will do what I can to repay you through word of mouth. Sincerely, Tim T. Suffern, New York."
"Thanks for getting my 6 point speeding ticket in Harrison Town Court dismissed, you're the best!"  Daniel A., New Hempstead, NY
"Matisyahu was able to reduce my 6 point speeding ticket down to a No Point Parking ticket in Islandia Village Court.  I was facing two 6 point speeding tickets at the time and was in danger of getting my license suspended!  I'm quite confident that he will also be able to help out with my 6 point speeding ticket from the TVB in November."  Angelo P., Oceanside, NY
"Dear Mr. Wolfberg, This will be the first testimonial I have ever written and feel it is well worth sharing your success- I want to thank you for defending me. Thanks to your experience and knowledge you were able to plea bargain and reduce the charge down to a Parking ticket. The judge assessed a fine of $80 and considering I was facing a 4 Point speeding ticket in North Castle Justice Court, this is a tremendous deal! I was very concerned about this ticket and could not have expected a better outcome. Thank you greatly; I will refer everyone to you." John, New York
"Dear Mr. Wolfberg, You did it! And the outcome is just as the same as you described. It is amazing! I wand to tell you and everyone I know that you did a fantastic job, and you saved me! 16 points reduced to 5 in Olive Town Court, most importantly, reckless driving criminal charge dismissed. And the $850 surcharges saved alone is more than enough for me to paid you. What a deal! Thank you! Mr. Wolfberg, You simply are the best!" John L., Roslyn, NY
"I have received your email on the result of my summons reducing my 4 point speeding ticket in Bedford Town Court to a seatbelt ticket! I am ecstatic of the out come. I will certainly refer anyone in need of your service. Thank you." Patrick T, Bronx, New York
"Hi, I was stopped in a ridiculous speed trap in Yonkers  along the I-87 service road. the charge would have been 4 points + fines and i got a seatbelt ticket also. there was no way I was taking these tickets lying down. so went to and Mr. Wolfberg was very courteous and helpful, and the prices are reasonable. anyway bottom line for both tickets, no points, a $50 surcharge and to take a defensive driving course sometime in the next 6 months. thanks," John C., Yonkers, NY
"Well here's the situation. I'm late for my first job of the summer, of which many would follow, but I wanted to try to be on time, and at the rate I was going... I would be late. Yes I know, no excuse for speeding, and the cop didn't sympathize either. He got me for 88 in a 65 in Ausable Town Court. OUCH!!! This is going to be 6 Points on my license. Now lets put it this way: I'm a college student with loans, Car payments, car insurance, and living expenses. There was no way I could tack on more expenses. So I did my shopping around and BAM! SPEEDINGDEFENSE.COPM caught my eye. I called up Mr. Wolfberg and spoke with him. He took care of everything. I did'nt have to make the trip back up to AuSable a third time, thank god, because we all know about Gas prices these days. Anyways, Reduced to a NO POINT Parking Ticket. I couldnht have asked for anything better. He even saved me over $300.00 in Surcharges. Thank You Mr. Wolfberg. You've gained yet another OVERLY-satisfied client." Caleb M., Saratoga Springs, NY.
"You are the greatest.  Thanks for getting my Red light ticket in Watertown City Court dismissed!"  Nadine, M, New York, NY
THANK YOU TO THE G0DS @ SpeedingDefense.COM I was facing a six point violation for 78 in a 55. My court date was in a week. Having dealt with judges in small towns before, I knew this was a "no joke" situation. I searched around on-line, until I stumbled upon this website. I dropped Matisyahu an email and faxed over my info, within 12 hours I gotta call and an email explaining what I needed to do. This consisted of signing a few papers, a notary and a fee. I happily completed my end which took about 20 minutes. Matisyahu instructed me not to show up to court, imagine my relief Patterson Town Court is an hour away from me, he would handle the rest. A day after the court date I got an email explaining the outcome. And let me say, "I LOVE SpeedingDefense.COM"! They plead my sixer down to two, and cut the fine in half. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"  Mario R., Naugatuck, CT.
"WOW! An amazing outcome, reducing my 4 point speeding ticket in Gallatin Town Court, to a no point parking ticket.. You are the man. I will certainly continue to refer any and all of my acquaintances to you for similar help in the future. In a world of arbitrary enforcement, we can all use an expert on our side to level the playing field.  Thanks again. Best Regards," Steve J., Rye, NY.
"I was caught doing 76 in a 50 zone in Yonkers. A 6 points ticket. Somebody at work recommend Mr. Wolfberg. I called him and 12 months later he got my ticket reduce to a no point ticket. Very happy with the results, Thanks !"  Antonin P., White Plains, New York.
I really regretted that I pled guilty in Florida Town Court. Because I am Japanese and not good at speaking English fluently. But I found "regretting plead guilty"on his web. I contacted him and he said, "No need to show up to court." "I will reduce or eliminate the points, although I cannot guarantee a specific result." Finally he gave me 2 no point parking tickets instead of speeding ticket and no-seat belt ticket!!! Thank you very much!"  Takuji K., Greenwich, CT.
"Thank you for the Great job of getting my speeding ticket DISMISSED. My wife said this is the best money we ever spent. You saved us from having to go to court in Poughkeepsie, NY, more than an hour away from our home and you got us a better deal. NO FINE, NO POINTS - DISMISSED. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU." Darius S., Yonkers, NY
"Thank you Matisyahu Wolfberg. I got a speeding ticket in Highland Town Court (Sullivan County) coming home from labor day weekend 2007. I was driving through a small town when the speed limit was reduced. The trooper pulled me over and told me I was speeding. It was the first time I ever got a speeding ticket. I was worried how it was going my perfect driving record. I didn't know what to do. I was looking for advice online. I came across At first I was skeptical but was put at ease when I talked to Mr. Wolfberg. I put my trust in him and wasn't disappointed. I highly recommend his service. He got my fine greatly reduced. It was worth every penny." Thank you! Vito R. Staten Island NY
"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I know that it was difficult winning in the Bronx TVB. I truly appreciate all of your efforts on my behalf in getting my ticket DISMISSED!!!!! Have a wonderful holiday and a new year filled with much happiness, good health and prosperity!!!! Sincerely," Marianne S., City Island, NY.0
"Wow! That's the best Chaunkah present ever!! Thank you so much for getting my 6 point speeding ticket in Tonawanda Town Court down to a parking ticket! I don't know what to say - besides for thank you! thank you! thank you! This email is confirming receipt of this notification and verifying that all I need to do is send a $150 money order to the court.  Thanks for saving me the points, Driver Responsibility Assessments and the insurance costs Yasher Koach on a job well done! Chanukah Sameach!--  :-)" Jacqueline, N.  Monsey New York
"Cool! thanks a lot for getting my 4 point speeding ticket in Canaan Town Court dismissed! That is good news indeed!"  Demian R., New York, New York
"Wow - Mr. Wolfberg was able to get my 6 point speeding ticket from Mount Pleasant Town court Dismissed. I have to admit, I was skeptical when I found him on the internet, but it was all the testimonials that I read and my phone conversation with him that convinced me to hire him to help me out. The ticket was issued back in April 2004, and to be honest, I have no recollection of it. Be that as it may, it is entirely possible that I received the ticket since I do have a tendency to drive fast and 80mph is a sweet spot for my car. So imagine my surprise when back in late October of 2007, I receive a court summons from Mount Pleasant Town Court with a December 4th TRIAL date for a speeding ticket on the Taconic fro doing 80mph in a 55mph zone! Typically I take the day off and go to court myself and plea bargain myself. But in this instance, I was at a bit of a loss since I don't even remember getting a ticket! Enter Mr. Wolfberg who assured me that he would do his best to have the ticket dismissed, given the inordinate length of time that has transpired. True to his word, he delivered the best New Year present that I got this year. On New Year's Eve, I get an email from Mr. Wolfberg that the ticket had been dismissed and it is as if it never happened! Unbelievable service - I did not have to take a day off and appear in court and go through all the stress and aggravation that is involved with that. I get to keep my clean record and avoid all the insurance surcharges - one of the best things I've ever done was to hire Mr. Wolfberg. I would definitely recommend him."  Albert C., Croton-on-Hudson, New York
"Matisyahu,  to anyone thinking about using the services of “” they receive my unhesitating recommendation. The opportunity to potentially minimize the points, assessment, fines, and insurance rates far outweighs the costs of the services of I am thrilled once again with the results from the efforts of, this time reducing a 6 point speeding ticket in Goshen Town Court to a no point parking ticket.. I want to thank you for your excellent service, professionalism and of course the outcome. Once again you have exceeded my expectations." Joel P., Woodmere, New York.
"I am amazed! I got a ticket in Stanford Town Court on the Taconic Parkway for going 76 (in 55), and when the trooper asked how fast I was going, I stupidly said "65". Somehow, Mr. Wolfberg was able to get the ticket dismissed! This was a 6 point ticket with the associated Driver Responsibility Assessment. I would highly recommend Mr. Wolfberg to anyone with a NY speeding ticket. I couldn't be more pleased with the way that this was handled!"  John R., Ridgefield, CT
"Do you remember Harvey Keitel as Mr. Winston Wolfe from the movie Pulp Fiction?  He was the composed gentleman who proudly proclaimed in the movie, “I fix things.”  Apparently there is a real life version of this infamous character—Attorney Matisyahu Wolfberg.  Attorney Wolfberg was instrumental in helping me “fix” a speeding ticket I received on I-684 in Southeast Town Court.  Up to that point I had a clean driving record, but now was faced with 8 points on my license (105/65 - 40 mph over the speed limit), driver assessment fees and potential insurance increases, among other issues.  With his experience and hard work, Attorney Wolfberg reduced the ticket to a 3 point, 5 mph over the limit speeding infraction, greatly limiting penalties and future expenses.  Thank you for your assistance and professional counsel Attorney Wolfberg."  David C., New York, NY.
"I'm very pleased with M. Wolfberg services. having got a speeding ticket in Ausable Town Court, NY, and a license suspension for not showing up before the court, I was successfully helped by M. Wolfberg services to lift the suspension, avoid any speeding point (could have got 6 points!), and save 300$ on the fines. I highly recommend M. Wolfberg services to anyone facing traffic ticket issues in NY state." Jonathan, K, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"That is great news! Thank you for your excellent result in getting my 4 point speeding ticket in Pleasant Valley Town Court reduced to a no point parking ticket. I was facing a mandatory “driver’s retraining” course in Connecticut had I been found guilty of a moving violation (due to 3 tickets within 3 years). Thanks to you I won’t have to waste a Saturday and my insurance rates won’t go up. Your outstanding plea bargain has saved me a great deal of time and money. Your fee was money well spent. Thanks again." Jim M., Easton, CT.

"My traffic stop in the Town of Harrison, Westchester, NY certainly lacked no drama.  I was witnessed by an officer speaking on my cell phone, something perfectly allowed in my home state of Florida. Essentially, I was lost and needed to ask my secretary for assistance in directions.  Well, I turned into a plaza and slightly crossed over the tip of the end of the double yellow lines (so worn that it was hardly noticeable since thousands of drivers do this every moment of every day).  The officer spying on that spot pulled me over in the parking lot asked me to give my license and registration. While he was writing me up a shopping cart came barreling full speed down hill at my car and posed a huge threat to property and person(s).  I quickly dashed to the front of my car and saved the day by catching the reckless lone speeding shopping cart and the thanks? The officer chastised me for leaving my vehicle and endangering him.  Yes.  I felt he was disgusted with me and categorized me as  "ignorant from Florida".  Little does he know, I was born and raised in Yonkers!  I apologized, acted with total respect for the law, and took it with stride.  He gave me two tickets.  As an out of state driver receiving an alleged offense in New York, I was quite apprehensive in hiring an attorney, but am very grateful for attorney Wolfberg, he handled the case with "speedy" positive results, I highly recommend him to everyone. John P., Ocala, FL
"Matis, I cant thank you enough for all your efforts with my case. I have been driving for 16 years and my record is perfect. This speeding ticket was the last thing I needed on my record. Testimonial: In December of 2007 I got pulled over for speeding in the Town of Barker, county of Broome (86mph in a 65mph zone) totaling 6 points. I wasn't gonna do anything about it until I realized that an offence in the state of NY is recognized in Ontario, Canada. I went online and found Matisyahu Wolfberg. I spoke with him briefly and without hesitation I hired him to defend me. It was a great decision. Matisyahu got it down to a no point parking ticket. I go to NYC every year along with other friends and family. Without hesitation I would recommend Matisyahu to anyone looking to fight their ticket. Thanks Matis !!! Thanks again, Much appreciated.," Joe F., Ontario, Canada
"Thank you Mr. Wolfberg....once again, I'm grateful for the expertise that's resulted in the satisfactory resolution of this matter, by reducing my 6 point speeding ticket in Chester town court, orange county New York to a no point parking ticket. No doubt, you're the best....I'll tell anyone who could benefit from your assistance to contact you...and I'll keep your contact information handy...but, i sincerely hope it won't be me! Gratefully reformed," Jo-Ann f., Ossining, New York
"Hello, Matisyahu! Indeed, this is great news (that you were able to reduce my work zone speeding ticket inAfton Town Court, to a non-moving violation)! Before I found your web site, and actually you, I contacted more than a dozen lawyers, who described themselves "The best of the best of the best". No one actually was confident to take the case outside NYC, but I bet a lot of people would be more than glad to use your services; they just have to know where to look. Thanks again, this is a really brilliant output. I will send $225 sometimes this week, just to make Afton City a bit happier. I will call to you tomorrow, too. Best regards," Andrew., S. 
Chief, United States Coast Guard,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Here is the transcription of a hand-written Letter which Andrew was so kind to send to our offices:

"Good day Matisyahu!

As I said on the phone, the excellent job must be rewarded and I'm very appreciated for what you've done for me....

Again, 12 or so people (lawyers) didn't want to take this case when they learned it's not in NYC, but Upstate!  (I guess judges are rough and tough over there...)  Bu I'm really impressed with your work:  minimal fine for speeding in a work zone [and no points.] no headache of appearing before court ,etc.  Thank you so much, and all the best.

15 MAR 2008"

(signed Andrew S.)

"I received a speeding ticket for 81 in a 65 zone in Bedford, NY. Mr. Wolfberg was able to plead down to a broken meter (no points) ticket. He was very professional and responded to all my emails in a timely manner. Thanks for everything!" - C. C. Queens, NY
"The 6 point speeding ticket in Pembroke Town Court with 6 demit points would result in many years of increased insurance premiums. Hiring Mr. Wolfberg at to reduce my charge was worth the initial expense compared with long term . I also learned my lesson… I have slowed down." Marianne, M. Toronto, Canada 
"Mr. Wolfberg: You are the real deal. You were up front and professional. I was facing 4 points in West Seneca Town Court, and a hefty fine and you said you would do your best to help this Canadian caught speeding in New York State. I was especially worried because this was my second ticket within a year ( I just paid the first one and took my medicine). I soon realized that by just paying that ticket and now having a second one I was in line to pay a whole lot more for the next three years to the driver assessment program if convicted, not to mention what my insurance rates would do. You and your associates were able to get my ticket down to a NO POINTS PARKING VIOLATION. Your more than fair fee was worth every penny and then some. Thank-you so much. I wholeheartedly recommend you and your firm to anyone facing a traffic violation in New York State and to all Canadians who may have gotten themselves a ticket or two while traveling in New York call Mr.Wolfberg, I didn’t even have to show up in court he took care of everything !!!!!Thanks Again," Kevin V. Port Dover, Ontario, Canada.
"In September 2008, I was pulled over on I-87 near Plattsburgh, NY (5 minutes from the Canadian border) and given a ticket for doing 82 in a 65 mph zone.  Clinton County is well-known for its speed traps and I felt stupid as I have once been a passenger in a car that got a ticket in that very spot.  This was a 4-point speeding ticket and Plattsburgh Town Court was 6 hours from where I live in Brooklyn; it would have been very difficult for me to show up.  I scanned the ticket and e-mailed it to Mr. Wolfberg.  He told me there are no guarantees, but most likely he could get the charges reduced or even dismissed.  Less than 2 months later, I got an e-mail for Mr. Wolfberg telling me that the court has reduced my 4-point speeding ticket to a $100 parking fine!  I would definitely recommend Mr. Wolfberg to anyone who has been issued a speeding ticket in NY state." V.G., Brooklyn, NY
"Dear Mr. Wolfberg, thanks so much for getting my 4 Point Speeding ticket in Ulster Town Court reduced to a Parking (no points) ticket!" Gary S., Eatontown, New Jersey
"Dear Attorney Wolfberg, thank you so much! For getting my 4 Point Speeding ticket in Liberty Town Court dismissed!" Mark H., New York, NY
"Way back on January 5, '09, I first spoke with you about my High 4 Point Speeding ticket in Westmoreland Town Court. I am writing to thank you for the wonderful the results. It was reduced to a No point equipment violation ticket!" Avrahom S., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"This is GREAT news!!!! Thank you so much for getting my 4 point Speeding ticket in Blooming Grove Town Court down to a no point parking ticket!!!! I have cc'd my brother and his wife at the email address noted. They asked me to confirm with you their receipt of this fine notice. Please let me know if you need anything. Lenny will get the money order for the $150 fine to the courts as noted. All the best," Grace G. Brooklyn, NY
"OH MY Gosh! That's great news!!! I don't even know how to thank you enough for getting my Chenango Town Court ticket (86/65) dismissed! I really appreciate everything. I would be happy and delighted to put out a good word for you and the service that you offer, especially to my family, friends, and colleagues. I will definitely help you out in anyway I can to give you a positive testimony. Thank you very much." Ian P., Elmsford, New York
"I received your email.  Thanks for a great job getting my High 6 Point Speeding ticket in Brutus Town Court reduced to a Parking (no points) ticket!" Houshmand H., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Mr. Wolfberg saved me a day off from work, a 8 point speeding ticket in Mt. Pleasant Town Court, and higher insurance rates. I was pulled over by a State Trooper on the Taconic going south bound for doing 75 in a 55. Even after showing him a pba card the trooper still wrote me up, what a nice guy!!!! 4 years later I get a court date.....a month before my wedding. So I researched online for a good lawyer, and called around. These other lawyers had secretaries who tried to scare me into using their office. But Mr. Wolfberg picked up his phone and told me everything up front. He made a motion to dismiss it. The court took a long time to make the decision. But every time I emailed Mr. Wolfberg about the status of it, he always got back to me the same day with a reply. I had to call the court regarding another matter, and the lady said oh yea I just spoke to your I knew Mr. Wolfberg was on top of things. Then one day I got a call from Mr. Wolfberg saying the ticket was dismissed, no fine to pay. Mr. Wolfberg is worth every penny. Since then I have referred friends who also have had good results with Mr. Wolfberg."  Clive M, Yorktown Heights, NY
"I can not believe all it took was a phone call and and a fax to get an 8 point ticket In Ulster Town Court Dismissed! U have a customer forever with me ! Thank you so much."  Robert E., Bronx, New York
"Dear Attorney Wolfberg, Amazing job, you got my 4 Point Speeding ticket in Florida Village Court dismissed!" March 12, '09. Malinda F., Warwick, New York 

"Dear Matis, thank you so much for getting my 6 Point Speeding ticket in Greenburgh Town Court dismissed!" Adria V., Bronx, NY 

Dear Mr. Wolfberg: I am very pleased with the outcome of the proceedings (getting my high 6 point speeding ticket in Greenburgh Town Court reduced to a no point parking ticket. I am also very grateful. You are a lifesaver and when I say "lifesaver" I mean it! A huge burden was lifted off of my shoulders with your help. Thank you very much," Dylan H. Pelham, New York
"I can not thank you enough for the fantastic job you did with regard to the  summonses my son had received.  (getting both a 5 point Reckless Driving VTL 1212 criminal summons dismissed in Bronx Criminal Court and a 2 point failure to observe a traffic control device VTL 1110(a) ticket in Bronx TVB dismissed) I never thought it possible. As a young driver I was sure they were going to throw the book at him (7 points) . You saved me the fines and the  insurance premiums it is like it never happened. I will be recommending you to any and all friends, family and  business associates who would be in need of legal representation without a  second of hesitation. I wish I would have known about you sooner. I wish you much success in all future cases. Thank you and  Best of luck.  John G., Bronx, New York 
"It is March 29, '09 and I just got an email with the amazing results that you were able to achieve for me in getting my 8 point speeding ticket in Carmel Town Court reduced to a Parking (no points) ticket!" Janice H., Huntington Station, New York
"Amazing job, you got my 4 Point Work Zone Speeding ticket in Monroe Town Court dismissed!" Goldie L., Spring Valley, New York
"I am NYC taxi driver and I cannot afford to have points on my license, so I am thrilled that you were able to take care of my 4 Point Speeding ticket in Avoca Town Court. I am writing to thank you for the wonderful the results in getting it changed to a parking ticket!" Moshe L., Staten Island, New York
"Dear Matis, As usual you have exceeded my expectations by getting an 8 point speeding ticket in Carmel Town Court reduced to a no point parking ticket.  Besides all the money you have saved me there is a certain peace of mind knowing that my driving record is free from any moving violations. Before I discovered your service I remember racing to the courthouse, getting lost on the way, losing a days pay, only to find out that my appearance was not necessary and the instruction I hade received were wrong.  The point is it is so much more productive to hire a professional like yourself who can get results.  In case you are still on the fence on this I recommend Matis for all your speeding violation needs. He is reliable and affordable. Keep in mind you save all around. No time away from work, no insurance increases, no aggravation! I hope I do not need Matis again but if I do get another speeding ticket he is the person I want in my corner fighting for me. Thanks for all your help. Regards," Rich H. Huntington Station, NY
"Great service! Called him on the date of my court appearance. Was not a problem. Handled my case beautifully. Lowered my fine and lowered my points from 10 to 2 in Ramapo Town Court!! Highly recommended!!" Yasher Koyach!!" Dov R., Monsey, NY 10952
Having previous experiences with speeding violations, I didn’t hesitate for a second on calling Matisyahu Wolfberg. Once again, I am pleased with the results obtained on my case. I was facing a very expensive speeding ticket and 4 points in Cornwall Town Court on my record which would have been immediately detected by my insurance company increasing the cost of my Premium. As always, you gave me an upfront honest and realistic assessment and worked out a plea bargain with NO Points and just a fine of $110. I would highly recommend your services any time. Alberto A. (Cohoes, NY)
"In November '08 I received an unwarranted speeding ticket in Putnam Valley Town Court that would have resulted in the addition of 6 points to my license.  I turned to Mr. Wolfberg, who responded immediately to my situation.  While the trial date was a month from the time I hired him, he was able to settle the matter in half of the time.  He reduced my 6-point speeding ticket to a no-point parking ticket, for which I am incredibly grateful!  I did not have to go to court, and I did not have to correspond with anyone other than Mr. Wolfberg.  His fee is very reasonable and he is extremely efficient in his practice.  I will not hesitate to refer him to anyone in a similar situation!"  Michelle G., North Babylon, New York

"Dear Mr.Wolfberg, great job and Thank You so much for the good news that you got my 96/55 (11 points) speeding ticket in Suffolk County TVB-DISMISSED!!! You handled my case very professionally an your responsiveness was incredible. I truly appreciate your service and I would highly recommend Mr.Wolfberg to anyone who has ever received a ticket. "THANK YOU" H.Ceho ASTORIA,NEW YORK

"Good Afternoon, I most highly recommend Matisyahu Wolfberg as an attorney for all traffic violations,  He handles the case efficiently and in a most professional matter.   He got a red light ticket for me in Clarkstown Town Court reduced to a $75 parking ticket.  All e-mails and calls are responded to in a timely manor. Moreover his chargers are fair and he honors all his advertised prices without any additional hidden fees. Hence I recommend him highly." Zeke R., Monsey, New York
"I was caught doing 80 in a 55MPH in Rockland County in Clarkstown Town Court. I found the website and read thru all the positive testimonials there. Being a skeptical person, I wondered if these were for real. It turns out, they were. I faxed the details of my case, and within 10 minutes received a phone call from Attorney Wolfberg. He made no guarantees to me, but said he knew the court and was confident he could help me out. Did he ever--a ticket for littering and 0 points on my license. It is a huge weight off my shoulders. I would not hesitate to recommend Attorney Wolfberg to family, friends, or anyone facing a ticket in New York." Steve A., Milford, CT. 
Dear Mr. Wolfberg: I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work on my two traffic cases.  (an 82 in Putnam Valley Justice Court, reduced to a no point seatbelt ticket and 6 points in Spring Valley Justice Court reduced to no points) Between the two cases in two different jurisdictions I faced at least twelve points on my license and a small fortune in fines, assessments and fees. Not to mention the possible suspension of my license or insurance problems. You however, saved the day. Not only did you resolve the cases without troubling me in the least, but you got all the charges reduced to no-points, low-fine, zero-fee/zero-assessment pleas. I was happy to pay the small fines we agreed to when the situation could have been far worse. I am truly grateful for your help. I wish you continued success and will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends. Sincerely," Ken M., Poughkeepsie, New York
"After more than 40 years of driving without a moving violation, I was ticketed in Tuxedo, NY for allegedly doing 70 in a 55 mph zone. I was so steamed about this that I did not want to go to the town court to represent myself. I Googled the Town of Tuxedo and speeding tickets and found Attorney Wolfberg. His prompt, courteous and professional approach made me think he could be at least that effective with the court, and he was. My case was resolved as a parking ticket with no points. I was very pleased and would recommend Mr. Wolfberg highly if you are faced with the prospect of having to go to court. Thank you very much!" Claire M. New York, NY
"Thank you for everything, you have truly been excellent in getting my 92/55 in Clarkstown Justice Court down to no points!"  Andrew G., Riverdale, NY 
"You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and your headache is gone...Thank you Mr. Wolfberg for fully managing the process to reduce my 4 point speeding ticket in Champlain Town Court, Clinton County, NY to a parking violation." Jeff S. New York, NY 
"Excellent service. I picked Mr. Wolfberg based on the superb reviews available on yahoo. He was able to get my 4 point speeding ticket in New Scotland Town Court down to a parking ticket (no points) and a minimal fine. All I had to do was fill out a couple of simple forms and he took care of everything. It's amazing....still can't believe I'm getting away with a parking ticket. Thanks again to Mr. Wolfberg. Will definitely recommend to my friends when they need."  Purnaravi S., Albany, New York

"I received a speeding ticket from a NY State Trooper on the Thruway near Stafford, NY.  I was clocked doing 83 in a 55 zone (Section 1180).  The officer was unimpressed with my NYC PBA card and produced a fully printed computerized ticket within a few minutes.  He even included a typed, sworn affidavit detailing (in his words) statements made by me to him as he stood next to my car.  I’m not sure if he actually recorded the audio but he still produced his version of the exchange which he would offer as evidence if we went to trial.  I was looking at an expensive 4 point NY ticket that would have transferred to NJ as at least 2 points.  Still, I would have had to travel 400 miles to fight it on my own.  I hired Mr. Wolfberg (certainly not cheap) and a few weeks later was informed that I owed $150 for a Section 1200d offense – essentially a minor infraction such as ignoring a posted sign or even a simple parking ticket.  Magic?  Nope, but many offenses that are prosecuted at the municipal level (using their resources) send the money to Albany.  A parking offense keeps the money in the municipality where the trial occurs.  It is far more logical for the municipal prosecutor to bargain for the township.  The State Trooper could care less – and would much prefer not to have to show up in Municipal Court anyway."  Peter C, Jackson, NJ

"Dear Matis: I cannot thank you enough! You truly ARE "the real deal" as other people have posted. One is very wary when reading testimonials, etc. and I remember, when I needed an attorney for my speeding ticket Ellicottville Village Court, that I looked at several web sites, interviewed (by phone and emails) several attorneys and finally decided to go with you, because I just felt (from talking with you on the phone) that you genuinely cared for your clients and would make the best possible run for it. I even emailed one of your former clients who posted his email right on your website (vikramgill @ and he responded right away saying how he highly recommended you. I am really glad that I decided to go with you because you got my 55/30 ticket in the village of Ellicottville completely dismissed. I heard that pleading not guilty to a speeding ticket by yourself versus hiring an attorney is a completely different ball game and I am so glad that I decided to go with you. I don't know how you did it, because that was a potential 6 points plus $685 in fines, not to mention potential insurance premium hikes. YOU GOT THE TICKET DISMISSED! I will never hesitate to recommend you to friends and family and already have, as a matter of fact. For those of you considering hiring an attorney, don't hesitate to hire Matisyahu Wolfberg. He really delivers. Best regards, Matis." C, Washington, DC  

P.S. I also liked your personal touch when you actually figured out what part of the world I was from just from my name, and that too from what specific region. You really know your clients and that personal touch DID make a difference! :)
 "I can't say enough about my experience with From the terrific customer service and professional representation through-out my case to the positive resolution (most recently getting a 3 point ticket in White Plains City Court down to no points), I would strongly recommend to anyone!"  Dan L, Westchester County, New York
"Thank you very much for the great help on my speeding ticket - a Four point speeding violation in Suffern Village Court reduced to a no point parking ticket. I will tell all my friends about your highly professional services."  Dmitry G., Hewitt, NJ
"I was facing a 6 point speeding ticket as well as $300.00 in surcharges in Orangetown, New York. Mr. Wolfberg erased that speeding ticket and turned it into a no point parking ticket. Thank you for a job well done. You are the best!"  Justin M., Elmhurst, New York
"Dear Mr. Wolfberg, As I have said in the past, you are the best! There is no way I would have been able to keep my license unblemished with a 4 point speeding ticket in Queensbury Town Court. You worked your miracle and managed to keep my clean license clean. I WILL for sure, tell everyone to go to you for help, as I always do. Thanks again. Keep up the great work." Jackie L., Queensbury, New York 
Mr. Wolfberg: This confirms receipt of the fine notice, as well as the separate e-mail with instructions for paying the fine, which I will handle in advance of the deadline.  Thank you very much for your assistance and excellent work (in getting my 80/55 in Peekskill City Court down to a no point violation). I will follow up with a short testimonial statement--I am indeed grateful for you work. Best regards, Connie C., Trumbull, CT.
"I was involved in a car accident around Hunter, NY having my car completely totaled. No one else was involved and the accident had occurred due to poor and icy road conditions. I called 911 for assistance and an officer arrived who later issued me a 3 point speeding ticket. I knew there was no way I can go back to Hunter during the set trail date as I am a full time college student, living in NYC. A friend of mine told me about Mr. Wolfberg's services and his positive experience with him. I went ahead and emailed Mr. Wolfberg my ticket and an explanation of what happened. a few months later, I was informed that the charges were completely dropped, no fines, or record. Not once did I had to call or go anywhere as everything was done via email. This was definitely a plus. I am very satisfied with Mr. Wolfberg's services and would recommend him to everyone as we all know how frustrating it is to deal with traffic tickets. I would have probably spent more money, driving up to Hunter, paying fees, etc. and so the investment of hiring Mr. Wolfberg was well worth it.  Thanks again for your help," Vlad S.
"I'm really glad I contacted Mr.. Wolfberg to handle the speeding ticket I got in Wallkill, NY in Aug 09 One call and 3 e-mails is all it took to get it reduced to a parking ticket !!!! Great Job !!!! Thank you Mr. Wolfberg !!!!" Bobby G. Charlotte, NC 
Here you go…. I got a speeding ticket in Avoca Town Courtof doing 91 in 65mph zone. It is a 6 points ticket with possible $300 surcharges. Mr. Wolfberg got it down to no points with only $150 fine plus $85 NY state surcharge. I could not have asked anything better than this. I am very much happy and satisfied… Strongly recommend Mr. Wolfberg.  Thanks,"Khalil A., North Brunswick, NJ 
"Thank you Mr. Wolfberg, I am pleased your keen attention on handling my traffic ticket that I got Tuxedo, Orange County in NY. You negotiated possible 4 points to Parking ticket with no point. Best of all, I did not show up at the court that you saved me my valuable business appointment. I highly recommend Mr. Matisyahu Wolfberg for any traffic tickets. If you are sick, see the Doctor, buy if you have traffic ticket, see Mr. Matisyahu Wolfberg! He can cure. Thanks," John C. Bergen County, NJ 
Look no further! DO NOT Hesitate!! CALL MR. WOLFBERG Immediately AT: "Not" He is the Best of the Best.!!!! Although I consider myself a careful driver, I received speeding ticket in a village near my home. The town officer said I was going 47 in a 30 zone in Afton Village Court. When he handed me the ticket I almost fainted! A 4 point ticket. I had never heard of such a thing. I was shocked and extremely upset. Actually I was horrified. Enter MR. WOLFBERG!!! I put the whole situation in his most capable hands and as a result I didn't even have to appear in court!!!! The ticket was TOTALLY DISMISSED!!! NO FINE! NO POINTS! NADA!!!! NOTHING!!!! Like it never existed!!!! I am shocked, delighted and extremely thankful to Mr. WOLFBERG!!! REMEMBER if YOU get a ticket.......... GO WOLFBERG!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ann H. Bainbridge, NY
"I was driving through the Town of Tuxedo, NY late at night just coming home from dinner with a friend. I live in NJ, so the drive home is pretty long and I really thought it would be uneventful since he lives in a suburban area with a lot of back roads. I would have to navigate these roads to get back on to Palisades Pkwy to get home. I left my friend's house turned right onto a street and was immediately pulled over along with 4 or 5 other cars. The group of officers accused us of street racing and driving recklessly. We are all young drivers, but weren't driving anything that would resemble a sports car or even a race car. I tried explaining to one officer that I was going home from dinner and my car wasn't even at proper temperature yet. He wasn't having any of it and issued everyone in that group an Unreasonable Speeding and Imprudent ticket. I never even met these other drivers and I was dumbfounded as why I was getting a ticket. At that moment, I was heated that I got a ticket for no apparent reason. Just grabbed randomly out of nowhere. As stated before, I live in NJ and don't feel like driving an hour and a half to Tuxedo to defend my case. I went online and researched a lot of attorneys, called them up and got quotes. Price really wasn't an issue I just wanted this issue dealt with properly. I found and read all the testimonials online and decided to give Matis a call. He gave me a straight up answer and said my ticket was BS and will most likely be able to get it dismissed. I weighed all my options and decided to use Matis. A few months later, the ticket was dismissed and I truly appreciate him taking the time and effort to sort all this out. Thank you, Matis. I will highly recommend Matis to anyone reading this and anyone else that needs his services. I can't thank you enough." Chris L., Morristown, NJ
Dear Mr. Wolfberg: Thank you so much for all your hard work. I was facing a 6 point ticket in Yorktown Town Court and without your help my ticket would not have been reduced to a $50 no point ticket. I will recommend you to all I know." FC, Dutchess County, NY
"Dear Mr. Wolfberg, I would like to thank you for the way you handled my speeding ticket. I couldn’t believe the great outcome. You gave me a lot of reinsurance to go ahead with you, I’m glad I did it… Your number is stored in my speed dial (ed. no pun intended). Thanks again. Regards, Isaac C.," Montreal, Canada.
"I have been a client of Mr. Wolfberg's for many years and he has never failed to amaze me with what he can make happen. or maybe I should say what he can make go away. The man is truly a miracle worker when it comes to speeding tickets and moving violations. I cannot even begin to caluculate how much Mr. Wolfberg has saved me in terms of points on my license, fines and surcharges and insurance premiums. He has represented me in traffic courts all over the downstate NY area, from Manhattan to small towns in Rockland and Orange, and I know first-hand that he is as advertised. Nothing could be simpler. You contact Mr. Wolfberg, send him your paperwork, and he takes care of everything. You don't have to appear in court and when your case is decided he lets you know the outcome. Based on my experience that usually means he's gotten a speeding ticket knocked down to a parking ticket with no points or saved me a bundle on the fines and surcharges or just gotten me acquitted entirely. I have recommended Mr. Wolfberg to family and friends and he has achieved great results for them as well. All I can say is that I take comfort in knowing that if I am ever hit with a traffic or speeding violation, I have an ace up my sleeve in Mr. Wolfberg. I urge anyone in a similar situation to contact Mr. Wolfberg and leave it all in his very capabale hands. Thank you again, Mr. Wolfberg. You are the BEST!!!" Tony G., Cornwall, New York.
"Matis, YOU'RE THE MAN! Great job by you and any of your staff attorneys who assisted on my case! Please feel free to use my comments here as a glowing testimonial to both your adroit legal skills and to the personal attention you paid to the 11 point speeding ticket I received in Mount Kisco on the Saw Mill Parkway. I was facing a license suspension because of this (not to mention thousands of dollars in fees and likely insurance cancellation). You came on the scene and took care of business. End result: ticket DISMISSED. It completely validated my choice to turn to you, for the third time, when I needed assistance with a ticket. I was feeling somewhat demoralized because of the situation, as I'm sure anyone in a similar predicament reading this may be feeling presently. I work 80 hour weeks and thus have little time to enjoy my family or my toys. When I was pulled over I was driving one of said toys up from the city to have dinner with my family in Westchester County--and so the ticket couldn't have been at a worse time. To add insult to injury, the officer made a few snide remarks about a young guy like myself in a German sports car. Everyone knows there is much suffering in the world, so I don't want to sound like an insensitive whiner, but I still did not welcome the comments. I say all this because it gives you an idea of how great it feels NOW, to have experienced VICTORY--and it's all due to the very hard work and abilities of Mr. Matis Wolfberg. Cheers!" Dylan B., Westchester County, New York
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SOUTHEAST, N.Y. New York State police have issued 29 traffic tickets and made one DWI arrest during a six-hour period. Troopers patrolled I-684 in Westchester and Putnam counties between 9 p.m. Saturday and 3 am. Sunday. say they issued 11 speeding violations, one seatbelt violation and tickets on 17 other offenses. A 29-year-old Carmel man was arrested on a DWI charge in the Town of Southeast. Police say he was driving 97 mph in a 65 mph zone. Dad jumps out of car to save boy, gets traffic tickets Its things like this that give cops a bad rap. A New Jersey man whose car rolled over a cliff after he jumped out to save his son from falling over the edge was slapped with $110 in traffic tickets Thursday. Frank Roder, 38, of Winifield Park, took his son Aidan to the river to feed ducks after school. Just before he finished parking his Jeep, the boy jumped out of the car and started running toward the edge of the 35-foot cliff nearby, Fox News reported. I saw him running towards this log... I just envisioned him like, hopping over it to go to the water, Roder told New Jersey 101.5 radio. And once you hopped over it was straight down. And I just panicked and jumped out after him. Roder caught his son just feet before the edge of the cliff, Fox News reported. The two then turned to see the jeep roll straight over the edge into the river below. Union Country police arrived on the scene and a crane pulled the car out of the water. A cop gave Roder two tickets one for failing to produce the insurance card, which was somewhere in the drowned car, and the other for failing to use his emergency break, Fox News reported. The tickets were for $50 and $60. Roder told Fox News he was shocked. He said the cop told him that if he had just taken five seconds to apply the brake this never would have happened. I say, Really? And if I did and my boy stepped over the edge and fell instead of the Jeep, then were would I be? He says, Jail, for child endangerment, Roder told Fox News. Roder said he actually thought he did put the car in park. He said he grabbed the windshield wiper switch thinking it was the shifter, which is on the steering wheel in his car. He was driving his wifes car that day, he told 101.5 radio. Roder will appear in municipal court May 30 where he may get forebearance on the tickets. Union County Police Chief Daniel Vaniska told Fox News his officers have some discretion about when and when not to write a ticket, and admitted in this case, It probably could have gone either way.

New York State -- NY State Police troopers handed out more than 1,900 speeding tickets to New York Thruway drivers during a weeklong August 2012 safe-driving campaign. Operation Summer Brake was created by the New York State Police to help prevent reckless driving behaviors and to stress the importance of highway driving laws, according to a state Thruway Authority news release Wednesday. The busy summer travel season has ended, but Operation Summer Brake did its job by heightening motorists awareness of safe driving in work zones, by ticketing speeders, and aggressive and distracted drivers, and by getting many intoxicated drivers off the roads, said Thomas Madison, the organizations executive director, in a statement issued to the press. New Yorks state troopers issue more than 900,000 tickets a year, (wow!) even though they total only 6 percent of the states law enforcement officers, according to the release. Troopers issue approximately 55 percent of speeding tickets and 47 percent of seat-belt and child-seat law violations, and they make 30 percent of DWI arrests. So slow down out there! New York State Police Troop T Sgt. Thomas Ferritto said in a statement released to the press, that the campaign offered a chance to inform drivers about enforcement efforts across the state of New York. We are particularly pleased to have the chance to educate motorists about the move over law and protect maintenance workers, tow-truck operators and state troopers, he said.

PICKENS, S.C. -- A South Carolina police officer who issued a speeding ticket to Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney was fired after using company equipment to post an account of it on the Internet. Pickens Police Chief Rodney Gregory said in a release that officer Michael McClatchy used a department computer on Sept. 14 to detail what he said happened during the stop. Swinney was clocked going 63 mph in a 35 mph zone on Sept. 3 on the way to his radio call-in show. He was cited for speeding and the officer reduced the penalty to a minimum fine and points, according to Gregory. McClatchy's post said he thought Swinney expected to be excused for the violation. Gregory said Swinney paid the fine and apologized. No. 10 Clemson plays at No. 4 Florida State on Saturday night.

NJ woman jailed for decade-old traffic ticket THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tuesday, June 19, 2012 NEW YORK A New Jersey woman says she spent a night in a New York City jail after police discovered she had a decade-old traffic summons. Krystle Garcia tells NBC New York that she was arrested Thursday at a Manhattan checkpoint. Garcia was 17 when she received the forgotten summons. It was issued because she did not have an insurance card with her. Garcia said she received, and paid, other tickets in New York after that. She was able to renew her New Jersey drivers license and registration without any issues. Garcia, who works in New York City, agreed to a $155 fine. But she said her 14-hour ordeal in a holding cell was horrifying. She said she shared her story because she doesnt want it to happen to anyone else.

Internet entrepreneur Julien Chabbott, 28, was arrested after he allegedly used his $260,000 (165,00) luxury Ferrari Spider to run over the foot of a police officer writing him a ticket in New York on Sunday, according to police. Mr Chabbotts girlfriend, Stephanie Pratt, a reality TV star in the US, watched the drama unfold. As the footage of the incident shows, she later retrieved items from the Ferrari after the arrest and left the scene. The whole scene was captured by 17-year-old New Yorker Damian Morys who was passing the Mercer hotel when the incident happened. He said: "It was a pretty crazy situation. I was definitely at the right place at the right time - I couldn't believe it was unfolding before my eyes and that I was actually capturing it on video.
Lathrup Village police will decide later today or Wednesday whether to let stand a traffic citation Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh received this month for driving without due care and caution. Police Chief William Armstrong said he plans to meet with the city attorney this afternoon to discuss whether that charge should go forward as is, be dropped altogether or whether Suh should be reissued a speeding ticket. Suh was cited Nov. 15 as he drove his black Land Rover northbound on Southfield Road, just north of 11 Mile. Armstrong said no drivers complained about the incident, but the officer who issued the ticket thought Suh was driving at a high rate of speed as he passed cars on the right and nearly caused an accident. After watching dashboard video of the incident, Armstrong said he feels the charge wasnt proper for what Mr. Suh did. I would have said, if anything, speeding, Armstrong said. And looking at the video tape, its hard to say exactly how fast he was going. When you look at the video, it appears that hes traveling faster than the other vehicles around him, but was it excessive? I dont think it was excessive, and hes merging over and from what I see on the tape, as far as when he merges over, my opinion, I dont see the near-accident. Armstrong said no radar reading was taken. Suh, who has been involved in at least four other traffic incidents since the Lions drafted him with the No. 2 overall pick in 2010, was polite and cooperative during the traffic stop. The officer was telling him why he stopped him, and Suh was explaining to the officer what he did, and that was, basically, it, Armstrong said. Its hard to hear Suh, but from talking to the officer, there was nothing going on. It sounds like Suh apologized, and that was it. Last month, Suh was involved in a minor fender bender as he drove to the Lions' practice facility along the Southfield Freeway. Neither driver was issued a ticket. In March, Suh was ticketed for doing 91 m.p.h. in a 55-m.p.h. zone in his native Portland, Ore. Last December, while he was home in Oregon and serving a two-game suspension for stomping on an opponent in a game, Suh lost control of his 1970 Chevrolet Coupeand hit a tree, a light pole and a drinking fountain. He was sued this summer by a passenger in the car. As a rookie, Suh was involved in a two-car accident when a Honda Civic struck his Land Rover as he drove through a Royal Oak intersection. Police ticketed the driver of the Civic. Suh also was ticketed for negligent driving during his final season at Nebraska, when he reportedly sideswiped three parked cars. The Lions did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. A Fla. man is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after he was pulled over by police who found he had been driving with a portion of a traffic sign lodged in his head. Leslie Richard Newton, 63, was driving when he crashed into a median then a traffic sign, but continued driving. Apparently part of the sign went through his windshield and was embedded in his head, according to Action News Jax. Trouble viewing the video? Download Flash player here After officers pulled him over, he was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Authorities believe alcohol was a factor in the accident. Nobody else was injured.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. - Now that's one angry judge. Brian Levine, working on Staten Island for the Department of Motor Vehicles, has the highest conviction rate of any traffic court judge in New York City, and he might also be the angriest. In a March 2011 arbitrator's ruling obtained by the Advance concerning an incident in 2009, Levine was ordered to attend a monitored counseling program to focus on "human relations" and "anger management" after a formal complaint was filed against him for wild outbursts during a routine hearing. After multiple Freedom of Information Law requests, the state DMV refused to release any documentation related to Levine, a public employee, because none of the complaints against him "resulted in a final agency action," according a letter received by the Advance on October 18. Although that was the reason for the DMV's refusal to release information, it seems like there was, in fact, plenty of "action" taken against Levine for his nasty demeanor. In addition to being ordered to seek 35 hours of professional help for anger issues, the arbitrator's ruling also stated that an "appropriate penalty is a written warning to become part of the grievant's personnel file." And an Employee Assistance Program official was to monitor and submit a final report to the DMV's Director of Labor Relations upon Levine's completion of counseling. After the complaint was filed concerning the November 2009 incident, the Advance found that the DMV investigated the incident and gave Levine a notice of discipline dated May 5, 2010. The DMV did not clarify why it refused to originally release the information. In the documentation obtained by the Advance, it appears that formal action was taken against Levine. The DMV also refused to allow Levine to speak with the Advance.  THE COURT INCIDENT All of this began November 18, 2009, when a Metropolitan Transportation Authority mechanic was road testing a bus on an un-named "parkway" that buses are usually not allowed on, but he had a permit allowing him to do so, according the arbitrator's records. An MTA representative for the mechanic brought in a photocopy of the permit to court, thinking that the ticket would be thrown out, but he was "treated abrasively, demeaned and insulted," by Levine, according to the arbitrator's records. Staten Island Advance photoBy the numbers, Judge Brian Levine is the toughest administrative judge employed by the state Department of Motor Vehicles, with an 87.1 percent conviction rate. Also included was a brief transcript of exactly what Levine said during the November 2009 hearing. Despite being an MTA representative and having a photocopy of the permit, Levine said: "No photocopies. Not that I'm telling you that you guys would have the audacity to make phony photocopies. I'll be very blunt with you. I think you guys would. OK. I don't trust the MTA. I don't trust any government agency." Levine went on to rail against MTA bus drivers that he sees "on that parkway every day, and I'm fed up with seeing your buses on there." He then goes on to threaten to "have him arrested" if the permit was forged in any way, yelling in a fevered pitch at the attorney, according to his account.  OTHER COMPLAINTS When he's not screaming and berating motorists, Levine can often be seen doodling on a note pad not even giving defendants the appearance that he is listening to them, said another lawyer with knowledge of the DMV's administration who wished to remain anonymous. "He makes the motorist feel that he is not listening and not giving them a chance to present their case," the lawyer said. "It's frustrating. The whole bias there is that the motorist is guilty until proven innocent. Justice is not being dispensed in that court." This lawyer said aside from the judge's personal bias against motorists, the entire traffic court system in the city breeds bias. Levine, a DMV employee who in 2011 raised more than $1 million in fines for his employer, might get a free pass for his actions based on that figure, which is by far the most money raised by a traffic judge in New York City. "For the most part they back him up because of the money he brings in," the lawyer said. "How he speaks to people in the courtroom, his tone, his manor, his demeanor is inappropriate." So has Levine mellowed since his anger management training? Islanders who have come before him don't seem to think so. "Levine is the worst," said Frank Ciaramella of Annadale, who appeared before Levine for a seat belt violation. "He's demeaning. He's got a bad attitude, and he should not be sitting there. He's got a chip on his shoulder the size of New York. For whatever happened in his past he should not take it to work with him." A woman who wished to remain anonymous said it was obvious that Levine was not even listening to her, and he fined her for being on a cell phone. She claims she was not, and said she had proof. "He totally took the officer's side; he didn't what to hear it," she said. "I brought the proof of my incoming, my outgoing and my missed calls; he said it's not acceptable." She produced a print-out from the phone company of her call records and Levine did not accept it as proof that she was not driving while on her cell phone.

Police say a traffic citation issued to Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh in suburban Detroit will stand. Lions DT Ndamukong Suh avoided suspension after his actions against Texans QB Matt Schaub. Lathrup Village Police Chief William Armstrong said Tuesday he wasn't sure the Nov. 15 citation for driving without due care and caution would hold up after having watched video footage of Suh's driving that day. But after consulting with the city attorney, Armstrong said Wednesday the decision was made to go forward and have Suh ''either pay the fine or fight the ticket.'' An officer wrote up Suh after seeing the third-year pro driving fast and passing cars from the right lane. Suh has been sued for $1 million by a woman who claims she was injured when Suh was in a car crash last December in Portland, Ore.

Most Tickets Written: Washington, DC WashingtonDC Ohio residents will be surprised that its Washington, DC (yeah, not technically a state, but whatever) that writes the most speeding tickets. With just over half a million residents, DCs Finest writes more than 430,000 tickets a year. It beats out the next state in the top ten Wyoming by a factor of ten. Save your money. Visit some other place.

Most Unmarked State Police Cars: Connecticut Connecticut In all my years driving in New England, Ive never seen a fully marked Connecticut State Police car. Thats because only one is assigned to every troop. Apparently, theyre white with yellow and blue markings. Most Connecticut State Police cars are silver, with a pushbar up front and a low-profile lightbar on the roof, which carries the only State Police marking on the car. Connecticuts also been notorious for using Camaros, Mustangs, Grand Nationals and other non-traditional cars as unmarked patrol cars on the states highways.
The New York City Police Department today announced the results of a speed enforcement initiative conducted citywide this past weekend. Officers issued 736 speeding summonses to motorists. The initiative is a part of the NYPDs efforts to limit speeding and traffic infractions that cause death and injury. Traffic fatalities are down 30 percent over the past decade but speeding remains the leading contributor of collisions citywide. There were 266 summonses issued in Queens, 213 in the Bronx, 113 in Brooklyn, 97 in Manhattan and 47 in Staten Island. The anti-speeding initiative began on Friday, October 11th and ended on Sunday, October 13th. The city has established 14 neighborhood slow zones and is in the process of finalizing 15 additional. Nine-hundred and ten speed bumps have been installed, and anti-speed zones near 146 schools have been implemented in the last six years. Various initiatives to combat speeding include the citys first speed cameras installed earlier this fall, the neighborhood slow zones, and speed bumps. The NYPD encourages safe driving and reminds the public to obey the speed limit, which in New York City is 30 miles per hour on local streets unless otherwise posted. It is against the law to exceed 50 mph in New York City. Speeding fines start at $90 and can be as high as $600. Drivers earn from 3 to 11 penalty points for speeding infractions.

Swedish multi-millionaire Anders Wiklof was driving a little too fast. Wilkof, a business man in his native Sweden, was pulled over in neighboring Finland for driving 48 in a 30 MPH zone. He expected a ticket and a fine but was shocked to find out how much it would cost him. The New York Daily News reports that Wiklof was fined a jaw-dropping amount. A Swedish multimillionaire has been fined $130,000 for speeding because he is so rich. Had he been caught in Sweden, he would have faced a $615 penalty. But fines in Finland are issued based on the drivers wealth and with Wiklof having so much cash, he was hit with the much heftier fee. via Swedish multimillionaire slapped with $130,000 speeding ticket because hes rich NY Daily News.

As if out of a Charles Dickens novel, people struggling to pay overdue fines and fees associated with court costs for even the simplest traffic infractions are being thrown in jail across the United States. Critics are calling the practice the new "debtors' prison" -- referring to the jails that flourished in the U.S. and Western Europe over 150 years ago. Before the time of bankruptcy laws and social safety nets, poor folks and ruined business owners were locked up until their debts were paid off. Reforms eventually outlawed the practice. But groups like the Brennan Center for Justice and the American Civil Liberties Union say it's been reborn in local courts which may not be aware it's against the law to send indigent people to jail over unpaid fines and fees -- or they just haven't been called on it until now. Advocates are trying to convince courts that aside from the legal questions surrounding the practice, it is disproportionately jailing poor people and doesn't even boost government revenues -- in fact, governments lose money in the process. "It's a waste of taxpayer resources, and it undermines the integrity of the justice system," Carl Takei, staff attorney for the ACLU's National Prison Project, told "The problem is it's not actually much of a money-making proposition ... to throw people in jail for fines and fees when they can't afford it. If counties weren't spending the money jailing people for not paying debts, they could be spending the money in other ways." The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University's School of Law released a "Tool Kit for Action" in 2012 that broke down the cost to municipalities to jail debtors in comparison with the amount of old debt it was collecting. It doesn't look like a bargain. For example, according to the report, Mecklenburg County, N.C., collected $33,476 in debts in 2009, but spent $40,000 jailing 246 debtors -- a loss of $6,524. Fines are the court-imposed payments linked to a conviction -- whether it be for a minor traffic violation like driving without a license or a small drug offense, all the way up to felony. Fees are all those extras tacked on by the court to fund administrative services. These vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, with some courts imposing more than others. As states and counties grapple with shrinking budgets and yearly shortfalls, new fees are often imposed to make up the difference, though they can be quite overwhelming to individuals passing through the system -- 80 percent of whom qualify as indigent (impoverished and unable to pay), according to the Brennan Center. Florida, for example, has added 20 new fees since 1996, according to the center. North Carolina imposes late fees on debt not paid and surcharges on payment plans. More and more, courts are dragging people in for fines and fees that have ballooned due to interest imposed on the initial sums. Some owe money to the public defender's office for the representation they received during their time in court. Others incur hundreds of dollars in fees while they're incarcerated -- for everything from toilet paper to the beds inmates sleep on. The tab for the average offender could be as low as $250 or as high as $4,000. Both the ACLU and Brennan have been targeting big states with multiple jurisdictions they say are flouting U.S. Supreme Court rulings in 1970, 1971 and 1983. Those rulings essentially say courts cannot extend or impose a jail sentence for unpaid fines and fees if individuals do not have the ability to pay. At the very least, according to the high court, the courts must inquire and assess whether a person is indigent and might benefit from an alternative method of payment, like community service, before sentencing. "Even though a lot of jurisdictions do have statutes on the books that allow judges to waive fines and fees, it doesn't always happen," explained Lauren Brooke-Eisen, counsel for the Brennan Center's Justice Program. Much of the time, probation or the conviction itself will hinder individuals from finding employment (Brennan estimates that some 60 percent are still unemployed a year after leaving jail). But another incarceration over debt could either ruin the job they managed to get or make it even harder to find one. Many jurisdictions have taken to hiring private collection/probation companies to go after debtors, giving them the authority to revoke probation and incarcerate if they can't pay. Research into the practice has found that private companies impose their own additional surcharges. Some 15 private companies have emerged to run these services in the South, including the popular Judicial Correction Services (JCS). In 2012, Circuit Judge Hub Harrington at Harpersville Municipal Court in Alabama shut down what he called the "debtors' prison" process there, echoing complaints that private companies are only in it for the money. He cited JCS in part for sending indigent people to jail. Calling it a "judicially sanctioned extortion racket," Harrington said many defendants were locked up on bogus failure-to-appear warrants, and slapped with more fines and fees as a result. Repeated calls to JCS in Alabama and Georgia were not returned. Defenders of the collection programs say the money is owed to the state and it's the government's right to go after it. "When, and only when, an individual is convicted of a crime, there are required fees and court costs," Pamela Dembe, president of the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, which oversees Philadelphia, said in a statement to reporters in May. An earlier review by the courts found an estimated 400,000 residents owed the city money. "If the defendant doesn't pay, law-abiding taxpayers must pay these costs." Meanwhile, there's evidence that groups like the ACLU are prompting reforms. For example, the ACLU released "The Outskirts of Hope," on court practices in Ohio. The report told the story of one couple, John Bundren and Samantha Reed, who both had racked up court fines. Bundren's, which traced back to underage drinking and public intoxication convictions from his teenage years, totaled $3,000. They paid her fines before his, and Bundren ended up spending 41 days in jail because he couldn't pay his own. The ACLU found that seven out of 11 counties they studied were operating de facto debtors' prisons, despite clear "constitutional and legislative prohibitions." Some were worse than others. In the second half of 2012 in Huron County, 20 percent of arrests were for failure to pay fines. The Sandusky Municipal Court in Erie County jailed 75 people in a little more than a month during the summer of 2012. The ACLU says it costs upwards of $400 in Ohio to execute a warrant and $65 a night to jail people. As a result of the study, the Ohio State Supreme Court has begun educating judges and personnel on the statutes and constitutional restrictions of collecting fines and fees, Bret Crow, spokesman for the state court, told It is also developing a "bench card," intended as a reference guide for county judges. More recently in Colorado, the state ACLU completed a report on "pay or serve" programs throughout the state. In the case of Wheatridge and Northglenn counties, the penalty was one day in the clink for every $50 owed; in Westminster, every offender got an automatic 10 days in jail. The report also found that one jail racked up more than $70,000 in costs for incarcerating 154 people over a five-month period in 2012 -- and only managed to collect $40,000 in overdue fines and fees in that time. Mark Silverstein, a staff attorney at the Colorado ACLU, claimed judges in these courts never assess the defendants' ability to pay before sentencing them to jail, which would be unconstitutional. John Stipech, Municipal Court judge in Westminster, Colo., told he agreed with the tenets of the ACLU investigation, but added that the practice of the automatic 10-day jail sentence was already scrapped by Westminster in December 2012. "It was because we had jail space problems and beds needed to be limited to actual criminals," he said. He complained that local coverage of the ACLU report "makes it sound like we're putting everyone in jail." He said he asks everyone who comes before him if they have the ability to pay. He acknowledged, however, that his court is working with the ACLU and will be instituting formal "show cause" hearings to determine indigence. "Maybe the ACLU did some good, they brought it to my attention. Maybe they just should have done it in a better way," Stipech said. Brooke-Eisen said the reform movement is proceeding, albeit slowly in tough fiscal times. "A lot of the jurisdictions are still using fines and fees and passing legislation to add more fees and fines," she said.

A man in Finland faces a huge fine for speeding. Reima Kuisla was on his way to the airport and he says he was going 103 KPH (64 MPH) in a 80 KPH (50 MPH) zone when he got pulled over by the police. In Finland, traffic fines are partially based on income. It turns out that Kuisla is a millionaire so when the officer looked up his tax return and did the math, he handed the driver a fine worth about $60,000. An upset Kuisla wrote on his Facebook page: "It is no wonder that many people considering moving out of here."